Tagua Nut Beaded Necklace in Three Colors – Salmon Pink, Sapphire Blue and Creamy Ivory, Adjustable



Introducing the Luxe Tagua Necklace in fresh new colors. This elegant single strand necklace will add beauty and color to your outfit, taking it from ordinary to winning. This is a brand new design for tagua with a variety of bead shapes for graceful beauty. Although deluxe, this necklace is sturdy and well made to take you from everyday to special occasions. Our pretty eco friendly necklaces are handmade in the Ecuadorian Andes from organic vegetable ivory from the Amazon jungle. We work with indigenous artisan women on a fair trade basis, bringing you the best ethical and chic costume jewelry. Buy this fair trade necklace in confidence, knowing that your purchasing power is being used for good – directly encouraging our artisans and supporting their goal of a sustainable, dignified livelihood.
This bohemian necklace consists of a single strand of tagua beads, in salmon orange, classic blue and creamy ivory.
The beads range in sizes.
The entire length of the necklace is 36 inches long (92 cm) with 10 inch (25 cm) long adjustable cotton cords on each side of the beads.
Tagua grows on palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. Indigenous people gather the nuts and dry them in the sun. Tagua is harvested sustainably from the Rainforest. It’s very hard, light and durable and can be carved just like ivory.
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