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This gorgeous statement gemstone stretch bracelet unites the incredible healing power of mahogany red Tiger’s Eye gemstone with the ‘ultimate’ expression of divine love and devotion – an antique love token coin!

Gaining popularity in the Victorian Era (c 1800s), coins held romantic symbolism representing the awe-inspiring ’spark’ that’s connected sweethearts since the dawn of time.

This bracelet’s one-of-a-kind, antique ‘love token’ coin showcases an intricate, hand engraved initials of ‘B’ ‘M’ and ‘A’ on an 1880’s Liberty dime converted to a pin

Generously embellished with 14k gold filled and sterling silver chain ‘fringe’, the coin suspends from 11mm red Tigers Eye beads of excellent quality.

Strung on a double strand of premium quality elastic stretch cord for security

Tiger’s Eye is revered for its ability to cultivate inner strength and personal willpower. Known as the ‘supreme protector’, it’s healing properties help ease stress and bring tranquility.

Easy roll-on/off design measures 7.5 inches

925 Sterling Silver Signature ‘Van Der Muffin’s Jewels’ Heart Charm

Complimentary Gift Packaging Includes Storage Pouch and Artist’s Statement

Love token coins gained popularity in England during the monarch of Queen Victoria (1837 to 1901). Crowned at 18, she stole the country’s heart with an affectionate and enchanting courtship and marriage to Prince Albert.

Gifted by a gentleman to his true love, coins typically bore the suitor’s initials. Fashionable throughout Queen Victoria’s six decade reign, women in Europe and America adorned the sentimental keepsakes in abundance as pins, pendants and on bracelets.

Each as unique as the love they honor, the centuries-old objects of affection are revered for their artistry and romantic symbolism.

Message me if interested in commissioning a personalized love token bracelet!

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