February 25, 2020 4 Quick Tips to Keep Your Jewels Shiny & New

4 Quick Tips to Keep Your Jewels Shiny & New

Although all of our dainty, handmade jewels are meant for every day wear — they do need a special touch of TLC (tender, love and care). Since they’ve been handmade and contain materials such as gold filled, brass and gold plating, they’re a little more delicate and precious than most. Even so, taking care of something precious doesn’t have to be high maintenance! Here are 4 quick tips to keep them shiny and new for the long haul:

Tip #1: Last On, First Off

Start to get into the habit of putting your jewelry on last in the morning, after you put on your lotion and make up for the day (kinda like the finishing touch!) and taking them off first at night (before showering and changing). This will give your pieces a little extra protection from being sprayed with perfume or caught in clothing.

Tip #2: Shower Solo

Soaps and hair products can dull the shiny finish of your jewels—truly get back to nature when you’re lathering up and don’t let your jewels keep you company. The same goes for working out and swimming.

Tip #3: Home, Sweet Home

We box up your jewels in sweet little storage boxes and pouches not just because they’re super cute! Let them spend time chilling in their little home when you’re not wearing them to avoid dust and tangles.

Tip #4: Polish It, Polish It Good!

Every month or two it’s a great call to show your jewels some extra love by investing in a jewelry cleaning solution and polishing cloth and get buffing! Consider it your meditation. 😉

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